Brazilian jiu jitsu ebook

brazilian jiu jitsu ebook

Training and traveling seems to be a perfect combination.
by Uncle Sticky.We took a catamaran trip and we went hiking with a local guy from the academy.Carl, Norway I am a 35 year old blue belt and train very often at a small, young gym.I didnt know anyone there. by Mike Barr Nashville, Memphis, and a Tornado.I loved every single class, every single night going out with you all and all the people from around the world.It would absolutely be one of my biggest wishes to meet the exactly same people at this place again, but as this probably will never happen.Many of the people Ive met at these camps have become what I am sure will be lifelong friends, and theyve opened up all sorts of other informal Jiu Jitsu travel outside of the camps as well.
Craig, United States, i have been training Jiu Jitsu for 3 years and I thought I knew what the lifestyle was about.
The mood at a BJJ Globetrotters camp can only be described as awesome, loving and focused!
All the lessons and time spent here were really worth the experience especially with people from all parts of the world.Just do it youll be glad you did!It being my first camp and being a white-belt I was naturally extremely nervous and bombarded Christian with dozens of questions via e-mail.We talked about surfing.I really had a time of my life and Im pretty sure I will return :-) Thank you Christian for making that possible to all.I was on such a euphoric high for those 6 days that I actually fell into a little depression post camp.And to anyone thinking about participating in one of these camps, you shouldnt think twice before signing up, it just may change your life!Your perspective changes and you realize that Christian is right.My game has kicked on a whole new level and its really cool to see a lot of the things we were shown popping up during rolling.An unknown environment and settings for me became one of the best holiday I had in a while.