Doc to pdf linux cli

doc to pdf linux cli

Anybody know how can I solve this problem?
For the most part, you'll just want to view a Word document.
Rep: try looking again at the API(is it python or qbasic?).WvWare comes with a set of scripts that can convert Word files to a number of other formats, including plain text, html, LaTeX, PDF, PostScript, LaTeX DVI, and WML.For more information about the pdftotext command, type man page pdftotext at the prompt in a Terminal window.I think you are in the right way though.In any way, single step thru your code and inspect all objects if possible.Don't open the document as "hidden".A gotcha or two While money cheat code gta iv ps3 Antiword, Catdoc, and wvWare do a good job handling most Word files, you might run into documents that don't want to cooperate with you.
To use this hack, type the following command: wvWare -x /usr/lib/wv/wvHtml.Txt, i've never been able to pipe the output to the less utility or a text editor.Press Ctrl Alt T to open a Terminal window, type the command at the prompt, and press Enter.I have many directories containing but one pdf file (e.g.#end of message#.e, message is a dot.I realise, this is not exactly a programming question, but I am currently considering starting a project to implement such a program, unless there already is a good one out there.WvWare converts the Word file to html using the configuration file named wvHtml.