Perfect by ellen hopkins ebook

perfect by ellen hopkins ebook

A riveting and startling companion to the bestselling Impulse, Ellen Hopkinss Perfect exposes the harsh truths about what it takes to grow up and grow into our own skins, our own selves.
Perfect and welcome the return of the characters they learned to love.
But its only habit and not obsession that keeps it all orderly.13-17) Show More Product Details isbn-13: Publisher: Margaret.There is an overabundance of plot points, as readers learn about Sean's dead parents, Kendra's racist father, a vicious attack on Kendra's sister, and more.At its nucleus, four teenagers are grappling with insecurities that become exacerbated when loved ones turn up the heat.It also rings true that some characters buckle, worst off at the story's end, while others find themselves and may make.Emily is simply stunning.Jill Heritage Maza, Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, NJ Kirkus Reviews While not razor-edged like her previous work, Hopkins' portrait of four 12th-graders who are expected to be perfect will nonetheless keep teens up all night reading.
Cara seems faultless at everything from cheerleading to grades, but she's falling in love with a girl.
Kendra covets the perfect face and bodyno matter what surgeries and drugs she needs to get there.
Not even Conner, which is the point.Her writing conveys teenage quandaries with all of the intended consequences, as the verse style only serves to shock as the events unfold.Everyone wants to be perfect, but when perfection loses its meaning, how far will you go?Andre wants to be a dancer, though this goal couldn't be further from what his parents expect for him.Filter, subjects, publisher, media type, format.