South park mr hankey's christmas classics

south park mr hankey's christmas classics

I have alittle dreidel I made itout OF clay AND when IT'sdry AND ready with dreideli shall play everybody!
Gosh, IT WAS sure nicehanging OUT with Y'ALL again.
YOU spin thisthing ON THE ground.
Okay children, LET'S take OUR seats.This IS calleda "dreidel".SAY, CAN ijoin IN?Dreidel, IT felldreidel, I'LL TRY again dreidel that'S whythey'RE lame with dreideli shall play hello boys!I travel around THE worldand SAY.IT'S NOT fair, just DO IT yourself.
YOU spin itand SEE where IT lands.SO LET'S start OFF witha festive hanukkah song.WE'LL talk about thislater, gerald!There are eighteen - yes, eighteen songs on this album.AND IF youdon'T like IT, wELL.So it shouldn't come with any surprise that recently "South Park" had a Christmas special of their own - featuring their own Christmas icon,.GOD cast ME downfrom heaven'S door TO rule IN hellforever more BUT NOW I'M kinda gladthaell 'cause IT'S christmas timein hell here'ACK TO hangthe stockings ON WE still have TO shopfor ghengis khan michael landon'S hair looks swell IT'S christmas timein hell there'S princess dianaholding.